Atlanta United Crew And Sports Press Clash In Media Soccer Match

They either cover them or support them, but today, Atlanta United technical staff and local sports reporters took the field themselves.

This afternoon, the team welcomed local sports media and Atlanta United’s technical crew for the second annual Atlanta United Media Match. Team 17s and Team Resurgens competed at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground in a wild game that saw nearly as many goals scored by both teams as the pro players did in their regular season. (16 goals today vs. 20 for the Five Stripes regular season.)

Both teams were a mix of local media that covered the team and Atlanta United technical staff members.

Team 17s was Gonzalo Pineda, Jack Kimber, Jamie Henderson (Atlanta United), Jackson Popkin, Tyler Pilgrim (Scarves and Spikes), David Hickox (WSB-TV), Garrett Chapman, Tiffany Blackmon (92.9 The Game), Madison Crews, Hendry Higuita Jr., Jarrett Smith, (Soccer Down Here), Reggie Chatman, Chris Cole (WXIA-TV), Juan Carlos Brando, Daniel Zamarrón (La Mejor), Justy Diaz (Univision), Henry Higuita, and Dave Williamson (Estadio Sports)

Team Resurgens was represented by Diego De La Torre, Eugenio Villazón, Richardo Oliveira (Atlanta United), Alison Mastrangelo (WSB-TV), Abe Gordon (92.9 The Game), Georgia Chambers (Rowdy Sports), Nelly Guzmán, Daniel Cantú (La Mejor), Sam Jones (Five Stripe Final), Diego Tabares (Apple), Danilo Linares (Conexion Deportivia), Jesús Saez (Univision), Gilberto Ramíerez (Estadio), Joe Patrick (Scarves and Spikes), Miles Garrett (WAGA-TV), Chris Braz (WUPA-TV), Julien Virgin and Marlong Hyde (WABE Radio). 929 The Game’s Atlanta United radio announcers Mike Conti and Jason Longshoe called the game.

Credit: Mike Conti/X

The game started with Pineda firing a shot past Chambers and scoring the first goal for Team 17s. He would score two goals total, as did Blackmon. Hickox, Henderson, and De La Torre were among those scoring goals. Both teams competed neck and neck until Team 17s broke away in the second half. Team 17s won 10-6 at full-time with no added minutes.

Blackmon was the game’s most valuable player with two successful goals in the second half. The 929 The Game Morning Show co-host was a former soccer player for the Georgia State University Panthers. Conti says on social media Blackmon is the first player in history to win MVP at two different MLS clubs’ media events (Houston in 2013, and this year, Atlanta.) Goalies Chapman and Chambers both made quality saves today, especially in the last portion of the game.

There was also a tribute to the late sound engineer at 92.9 The Game and Atlanta Falcons Radio Network, Miller Pope, who passed away this past weekend.

At one point, at least 2200 saw the live stream of the game this afternoon. The event was sponsored by Publix and Children’s Healthcare.