Acuna’s Historic Night Ruined By Unrully Fans (Updated)

Ronald Acuna Jr. scored a noteworthy achievement tonight, but rowdy fans stole the show from the outfielder.

He stole his 60th base tonight, during the Braves game against the Colorado Rockies.

He remains one home run away from his 30th homer.

But there was a tense moment in the 7th inning of the game when a fan ran out on the field and made contact with Acuna. Video taken of the incident shows at least one fan holding on to Acuna while seconds later at least three security guards tried to pull the man off Acuna. Seconds later another fan ran up to Acuna trying to make contact. Acuna fell backward when the second man ran up to him. That second man was accosted by security and seemed combative as he was being carried away by security. Acuna was not injured in the incident. There is no indication of who the men were or why they ran onto the field.

Acuna would drive in three runs in the 9th inning. The Braves won the game 14-4.

UPDATE: According to WSB TV’s Zach Klein, the two men who accosted Ronald Acuna Jr. Monday night were identified as Jefferson Gonzales-Merida and Carlos Rivelo-Piaz. They were arrested and jailed for Trespassing and Disturbing the Peace. Also, AT&T Sports reporter Kelsey Wingert-Linch reported that a third unidentified man was also apprehended by Coors Field staff and cited for tresspassing, confirming reports that three individuals rather than two invaided the field in persuit of Acuna Jr.. No new charges will be filed. Major Leauge Baseball will decide on a lifetime ban for the three.