Atlanta Hawks Offseason Begins With Staffing Additions

Basketball Season 2022-23 is officially over, and that means among other things, coaching staff team changes.

This is true of the Atlanta Hawks, who are looking for a much better 2023-2024 season than the last one, which saw them fall short of the championships and barely make the playoffs.

To start the new season off right, rookie head coach Quinn Snyder is putting his new staff in place, and the press has listed some names of persons now working with the coach. Many of them he has previously worked with during his 2014-2022 tenure with his former team, the Utah Jazz.

According to media sources, these are the persons now or are about to be on Snyder’s coaching staff:

Bryan Bailey (assistant to fmr. Hawks head coach)

Mike Brey (longtime Notre Dame coach)

Brittni Donaldson (fmr. Pistons and Raptors assistant, co-founder of StrataAthletics training camps. She will be the first female coach in franchise history.)

Steve Klei (worked with Snyder with the Utah Jazz, which he head-coached)

Igor Koskskov (former Slovania NT head coach)

Antonio Lang (worked with Snyder at the Jazz)

Sanjay Lumpkin (member of the Jazz’s video staff)

Ekpe Udoh (ex-Utah Jazz center. He won the 2017 EuroLeauge with Fenerbahce and was named MVP of the Final Four)

Jeff Watkinson (worked with Snyder at the Jazz)

Jeff Schultz of the Athletic notes that others could be named to the staff soon. Atlanta Journal Constitution Hawks reporter Lauren K. Williams reports that Reggis Onwukamuche has been hired as player development coach, and Bryan George has been tapped as the Hawks new player development/advanced scouting/video person.