Bird Talk: Okudah Returns to Practice, Coach Smith Talks

Jeff Okudah’s back on the field

After missing the first two regular games on the injury list, Falcons Jeff Okudah was back at Falcons Training Camp in Flowery Branch. Although he is still not confirmed to play in the upcoming Detroit Lions game this Sunday, he told the press he was “trending in the right direction.” The Falcons did list him in their injury report as a “pull participant” in team practice.

Okudah was listed as a limited participant in last week’s practice sessions. Okudah was put out of action because of a foot injury in training camp.

Other Practice Injury Updates

Troy Andersen, the team’s inside linebacker, also joined practice today as a full particpant after entering the concussion protocol last week. He was a non-padded limited participant in Friday’s practice sessions. The Falcons state that his appearance in practice today does not mean he is out of protocol, but head coach Arthur Smith said today that he feels good about Andersen’s progress.

Cordarrelle Paterson was not on today’s participation report. Coach Smith stated that Calais Campbell, who was not at practice today, is on rest.

In Times of Adversity…

Head coach Smith was asked today at a press confrerence about Bijan Robinson saying in a post game interview that he was watching how QB Desmond Ridder reacted when he threw an interception in the Packers game last week. He said that making errors and mistakes is a part of the game and the players are learning how to handle pressure and adversity in today’s NFL. “They are real human emotions and that tells you a lot,” he said. “[The game] will have its ups and downs, there’s going to be adversity and there’s going to be things out of your control that may make the end result negative.” He says the guys all watch the same tape and they learn from their mistakes and the ones who can and cannot recover from failure are exposed.

Speaking of Bijan…

Head coach Smith talked about the newly drafted running back who’s electrifying performance on the field is winning over fans and his team mates alike, but Smith did warn that other teams are watching too, and planning for him. “He’s done a nice job so far, but this league’s gonna make it hard for you,” he said. “They are gonna take away what you do well, and if you don’t conntiunaly improve, you get stale.” He said it’s his job and the coaches job to make sure thay plan for what the opposing teams come up with to counter Robinson’s running game.

Bijan from Overhead

Here is a rarely seen view of Bijan Robinson at work from Sunday’s game.

Falcons Release Depth Chart

This chart is for the Falcons upcoming game aganst the Detroit Lions.