Bowers Injury Overshadows Dawgs Win Over Vandy

NASHVILLE- While a partial lunar eclipse was taking place overhead, the Georgia Bulldogs onfield performance once again eclipsed another team.

The Dawgs defeated the Vanderbilt Commodores 37 to 20. Georgia more than doubled the total yardage accrued by Vandy, 552 to 219, mainly thanks to Georgia QB Carson Beck passing 261 of those Georgia yards. Beck went 29 of 39 passes and has a single touchdown to his day’s credit.

Georgia remains undefeated, with seven straight wins, and twenty-four consecutive wins since the 2022 Championship game where UGA defeated Alabama to take the title.

Vandy struck first in the 1st quarter with a TD, then the Dawgs would answer with their own, hauled in by Beck. In the 2nd quarter, the Dawgs would tack on another TD and 2 field goals. Vandy never scored in this quarter. On the 3rd quarter, UGA called on kicker Peyton Woodring to add another 3 points to the Bulldogs total, which by this time was 27 over Vandy’s 7.

In the 4th quarter, Vandy would finally score on a 13-play drive that led to a TD. After another Woodring FG kick, Vandy would score another touchdown before the Bulldogs would answer that with one of their own, a 7-yard run by Daijun Edwards (total 146 yards on 20 carries). The game ended with the Bulldogs over Vandy 37 to 20.

The Bulldogs got a scare during the game when their star playmaker, Brock Bowers, appeared to be injured after he was tackled by the Commodores’ Savion Riley at the sideline. Bowers slowly and painfully moved off the field and did not return to the game, and this had Dawg fans fearing the worst.

“It’s an ankle sprain, don’t know how severe,” said UGA head coach Kirby Smart after the game. “X-rays were negative, Until we get an MRI we won’t know anything more.”

The loss of Bowers, who got 4 catches for 22 yards before leaving the game, would complicate the Dawgs drive to stay undefeated and lock in their goal of a third consecutive National Championship. Luckily the team has a bye week coming, and then they face their opponent, the Florida Gators, on October 28th.

Georgia Bulldogs vs. Vanderbilt Commodores: By The Numbers

Georgia (7-0) 37✅ Vanderbilt (2-6) 30
Total Yards 552✅ 219
Passing Yards 261 201
Rushing Yards 291 19
Penalties/Yards 4/39 5/30
1st Downs 26 9
3rd Downs 22 2
4th Downs 1 1
Turnovers 2 1
Time of Possession 37:19 22:41