Braves Stay Ahead of the Pack in National League Pennant Race

Despite losing three straight games up to this point, the Atlanta Braves still sit atop the National League Pennant competition.

The website graphically points out where the Braves stand from the start of the season to today. As of this writing, the team sits six games ahead of the second-place Los Angeles Dodgers. Even the most recent losses (including the Braves’ 16-13 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks) don’t seem to hurt the team’s standings too badly, as the Braves maintain a healthy gap between them and the Dodgers.

The Braves in the NL East are even further ahead of the Phillies, 9 games.

Not to say that the Braves don’t need to change their current win-loss trajectory to keep the Dodgers far behind them. LA has won 2 out of their last 3 games up to this point, while the Braves have lost their last three. They play the second of a four-game series against the Diamondbacks tonight.

The Braves will have an opportunity to further distance themselves from the Dodgers with a four-game series against the team starting August 31st.

National League Pennant Standings

BRAVES   61-32   (+6)

Dodgers    55-39

Giants   54-41 (+7)

Diamondbacks   53-42 (+8)

Phillies   52-42 (+9)

Data source: Pennant