Falcons Bijan Robinson Back On Field After Injury

Falcons running back Bijan Robinson returned to the training fields in Flowery Branch today.

Robinson was grounded by a ankle injury and did could not practice during the first six sessions of OTA’s. According to Falcons reporter Terrin Waack, head coach Raheem Morris expected Robinson to return for mandatory minicamp next week. But he said he was now “close to 100%” recovered and was back on the field and in practice ahead of schedule.

“It’s good being back on the field with the guys and you know It’s tough you know, being in there [in recovery] while they’re at practice,” said Robinson. “It feels good. It’s a blessing to be back.”

Credit: Atlanta Falcons/X

He said that new Falcons starting quarterback Kirk Cousins is providing leadership for the team, and is prepping hard to lead the team next season.

“Obviously he brings that leadership,” he said.”The cool thing with him is like having a quarterback that studies so much.”

He adds this about Cousins and how he handles mistakes: “When he calls a play you know it’s so clear and you car hear everything that he’s saying, but I think the good thing with him is if he does make a mistake, he owns up to that mistake and he’ll call everybody back and we’ll readjust and reconvene and go out there and just execute the paly again.”

He said he and Zach Robinson, the Falcons offensive coordinator, communicate every day about offensive strategies.

He offered a preview of what he will be doing for the Falcons next season. He reports that he will be “more of a runner that does everything else… like how they use Christian [McCaffrey] down there in San Francisco,” said Robinson, about the 49ers running back.

Robinson says it’s good to be back with his teammates after being off the gridiron to recover.

“These past four weeks it’s been a process but now to be back with the team, especially for this last week it feels really good,” he said.