Falcons Choose WR and RB for 6th Round Picks

The Falcons got back-to-back offensive talent with their #186 and #187 picks.

For #186, the Falcons picked Alabama running back Jase McClellan. McClellan led his college team in 2023 with 890 rushing yards from 180 carries. He got 15 receptions for 137 yards last year with the Crimson Tide. Former Alabama coach Nick Saban described McClellan as “tough” and “gritty.”

The NFL Draft tracker rates McClellan‘s prospect grade as 5.90. The 5’10” 221 lb. McClellan bench-pressed 20 reps at this year’s Combine. According to NFL Analyst Lance Zielein, he “lacks explosiveness but gets it done with above-average vision and know-how.” He also has above-average abilities to shake off would-be tacklers.

For pick #187, the Falcons chose Illinois wide receiver Casey Washington. At Illinois, the 6-inch, 201 lb Washington had 11 starts out of 12 appearances in Illinois. There he had 49 receptions for 670 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Falcons senior reporter Tori McElhaney says of Washington, “He’ll have to continue to evolve in his ability to separate himself from defenders, but he has the ability to be a plug-and-play type of receiver, wherever and whenever the Falcons find him useful.”