Falcons QB Speculation Points to Fields, Cousins; Draft Still In Play

There’s no official word from the Atlanta Falcons, but there is increasing speculation that the team is looking to trade or acquire its future franchise starting quarterback.

The two most speculated names that are being attached to the Falcons are current Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and Bears quarterback Justin Fields. Cousins is a free agent this year, according to Spotrac. Fields has two more years on his contract but could be traded by the Bears, especially if they land the number one NFL draft pick, which they own.

WSB TV’s Zach Klein told WZGC’s Carl Dukes and Mike Bell that there was wide speculation at the Combine among league scouts and agents that the Falcons would like to have Cousins as its next QB. The Falcons have not indicated a preference for any individual candidate, nor has the team planned to sign a specific candidate, as was rumored on social media Thursday.

Other NFL quarterbacks listed as free agents but not seeing as much speculation as Cousins or Fields are Ryan Tannehill (Titans), Baker Mayfield (Buccaneers), and Joe Flacco (Browns).

Speculation has also grown about Broncos quarterback Russell Willson, but he remains on a five-year contract and won’t be a free agent until 2029.

The upcoming NFL Draft offers some promising potential starters for the Falcons, but only if they trade up from their #8 pick that they own. The draft focus centers on Caleb Williams (USC), Drake Maye (North Carolina), Jayden Daniels (LSU), and Michael Penix Jr. (Washington.) Williams is the likely top draft pick, and the Bears own the #1 pick. It’s been speculated that the Falcons would have to give up a lot of future draft pick capital and even a current key team starter to get a shot at the top pick.

This morning at the NFL Combine, the team had conversations with Penix Jr, Maye, and Daniels. Williams told the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s D. Orlando Ledbetter he wouldn’t mind playing for the Falcons. “If they trade up…I’ll be there,” he said.

The Falcons believe they can get a quarterback from the draft if necessary.

“It’s a strong draft overall,” said Falcons General Manager Terry Fontenot to the Combine press Tuesday. “The quarterback position is strong, and you have some different types and guys that do it different ways. But it’s a really good group, so it’s very exciting.”

Fontenot and head coach Raheem Morris have said repeatedly that the team would explore all options to find the right starting quarterback.

The NFL Combine winds up on Sunday.