Falcons Talk Passer Search At Combine

The Atlanta Falcons are at the NFL Combine, hoping to find future talent to add to the team’s still-evolving roster.

But today, the new head coach, Raheem Morris, and general manager Terry Fontenot spoke to the press on hand for the annual event in Indianapolis, where the topic of conversation is what’s on the minds of Falcon fans and press alike these days: who will be the team’s starting quarterback next season.

Fontenot reiterated that the Falcons are not taking the starting quarterback decision lightly, and will pull all levers needed to make the right decision.

“We have to get it right,” he said. “We haven’t shied away from that and that’s critical.”

He said that finding a quality starting quarterback “Is not a perfect science.” He indicated the team will consider a free agent, a trade, or drafting a quarterback. The Falcons have the number eight NFL Draft pick but may have to trade up to get the top picks where sought-after NFL rookie quarterbacks like Jayden Daniels, Caleb Williams, and JJ McCarthy are located.

There has been wide speculation about the Falcons’ options for potential quarterbacks in free agency or trade, including the Vikings’ Kirk Cousins, Broncos’ Russell Willson, and the Bears’ Justin Fields.

As for how the Falcons’ new coach is doing, “We’ve had a lot of meetings the last few weeks, and it’s been outstanding,” Fontenot told the press. He said Morris put together a “really, really good coaching staff.”

Morris himself expressed confidence that the team was ready to compete next season, saying that the team was already in a position to score victories, but had some missing pieces that needed to be put in place, mainly a good quarterback.

Morris stressed that he was very aware of the need for a quality passer for the Falcons to progress. “If we had better quarterback play, I probably would not be standing here at this podium,” Morris said.

Morris stated the team feels a “competitive urgency” to find the right starting quarterback to do right by the talent currently with the Falcons.

“I’m not afraid to say we have the ability to go out and win next year,” said Morris. “If we do some of the right things, some of the right moves, we can do that.”

Neither Morris or Fontenot mentioned the departure of Falcons tight end Jonnu Smith this afternoon.