Flashback: 1997, The Omni in Atlanta Emploded

Before State Farm Arena, the Omni Coliseum was the place to see concerts, sports events (like the Hawks and Atlanta’s old hockey team the Flames), motorcrosses, circuses, and of course, pro wrestling matches.

The complex was completed in 1972, south of Downtown Atlanta, where State Farm Arena stands now. It had between 15 and 16 thousand seats, depending on the type of event being held there. It hosted the 1988 Democratic Convention and was the local stop for concert tours by Madonna, Elvis Presley, Def Leopard, Paul McCartney, and others.

Around the mid 90’s, officials decided the Omni outlived its usefulness and needed to be replaced. On July 26, 1997, the Omni was demolished and would be replaced by the Philips Arena, later renamed State Farm Arena.

All that remains of the Omni now is the original scoreboard that now hangs in the pavilion of the State Farm Arena.

Video credit: Tommy Peccoraro/You Tube/CNN