Georgia Tech Falls Apart In Fourth, Loses to Boston College 38-23

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets were unable to wrest a win from the visiting Boston College Eagles, as the latter beat the earlier 38 to 23.

Tech seemed at least for the first half in good shape to win, with 23 points secured in the first three quarters. The problem was, that would be the only points the Jackets would score in the entire game. They were shut out in the fourth quarter and allowed the Eagles to come roaring to life, tacking on 21 unanswered points in that quarter in addition to a combined 17 points they scored before halftime.

Tech quarterback Haynes King went 14 for 32 and passed for 204 yards. He rushed for 150 yards. Great numbers, but no W to show for his efforts. The Eagles’ Thomas Castellanos went 17 for 29 for 255 passing yards. He also helped uncorked a 4th quarter upwelling for his team that Tech defense had no answers for.

Boston College successfully ran the ball three times, with scorning drives of 72, 72 and 60 yards in the fourth quarter. Tech hurt its own cause with a pair of costly turnovers, two of three on the day the Jackets would draw at Bobby Dodd Stadium today.

The Jackets would tally 248 rushing yards, less than the Eagle’s 308. Boston also held onto the ball longer, 33:48 compared to the Jacket’s 26:12.

After this loss, Georgia Tech is now 3-4 for the year. They face #10 ranked North Carolina University at home next Saturday.

Credit: Georgia Tech/X