Hawks To Lock In Dejounte Murray for $120M

Dejounte Murray is staying with the Hawks.

NBA insider Shams Charania (The Athletic, Stadium) reported earlier today that the Hawks were about to sign off on a four-year, $120 million deal to keep Murray on the team. The deal, arranged between the team and the CEO of Clutch Sports Rich Paul, carries a player option and is said to be team friendly.

This contract extension averts one of the Hawks biggest stars defecting to free agency and keeps the nucleus of the Murray-Trae Young tandem intact. It also expands the financial options the Hawks have with future salary cap flexibility.

The Hawks have not publically commented on or confirmed the reported deal as of 9:10 PM tonight, but Young and Murray had commented on social media.

In addition to the Murray news, the Hawks also announced that they have signed recent additions Miles Norris and Seth Lundy to two-way contracts. No details about the contracts were disclosed per team policy.

Image credit: Atlanta Hawks/NBA