Talkin’ Dawgs, With Coach Kirby Smart

As the two-time national champion Georgia Bulldogs get ready for practice this Thursday, Head Coach Kirby Smart spoke with reporters today on his expectations for next season.

The Coach acknowledged there were a few injuries but nothing that would be a significant disruption to the team’s progress. Coach Smart was asked about his strategy for keeping players healthy despite the demanding rigors of practice and play on the field. “Football is a tough dangerous sport which we practice as smart as anybody in the country,” Smart said. “We have a method that is to be physical and tough but protects our players.”

He said the Bulldogs will continue to be physical and practice despite the threat of injuries. He adds there will be a lot of jobs up for grabs at Georgia football very soon.

He was asked about the leadership qualities of Carson Beck, the Bulldogs’ new quarterback. “Carson is a very even-keeled individual,” he said and went on to say he has been that way since UGA recruited him in 11th grade. As for his temperament:  “He’s not real emotional guy he’s not a firey guy. He’s very laid back.” Smart says the players around him trust him and understand how bright Carson is. His leadership qualities are still in development.

Coach Smart said he did not concern himself with the scheduling drama going on currently in college football. He said he would not worry about the scheduling decisions because he had no control over it.

Smart says he’s staying with Xavian Sorey, the sophomore inside linebacker, saying that he has grown in effectiveness since last season, including his ability to rush the passer.

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