Braves, Hawks Remain on Bally Sports for Rest of Seasons

The Atlanta Braves and Hawks will have a home on Bally Sports until at least 2024.

That’s because according to a bankruptcy court filing, the bankrupt parent company of Bally Sports, Diamond Sports, plans to drop Major League Baseball broadcasts after the 2024 season. That means the teams will stay on the regional cable networks through their full seasons, and gives the teams time to come up with alternative game telecast plans after Bally drops them.

“These actions give MLB and its clubs the clarity they demand in their Objection concerning the future treatment of their telecast rights agreements and give them time to transition to another broadcast partner before the start of the 2024 MLB season.” said the original court filing by Bally. “These actions will also minimize the risk of disruption to fans as the Debtors expect to continue broadcasting through the 2024 season.”

The Braves have said in response to questions about Bally’s future with the Braves that the team has plans in place to bring the games to fans if their contract with Bally is terminated.

As for the Hawks, ESPN reported that the Hawks and 14 other NBA teams carried by Bally Sports will continue airing their games on the regional networks through the 2023-24 season.

“We have reached an agreement with Diamond that, upon court approval, will allow Diamond to continue distributing NBA games in its 15 markets for the 2023/24 season,” said a spokesperson for the NBA.

ESPN also reported that Diamond has a provision to extend their carriage agreements by a year for the teams if they choose.

In metro Atlanta, both teams are seen on Bally SportsSouth and Bally Sports Southeast.

What either of these teams do after their respective 2023-24 seasons end is unknown. Options for the teams if and when their Bally contracts end range from directly streaming the games to viewers, or forging new agreements with cable or streaming outlets, or local broadcast stations.