Braves Remain Ahead of the Pack in National League

Here’s where the Braves are currently in the National League Standings.

The Braves remain 4.5 games ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers. They are safely ahead of the next closest NL East team, the Philadelphia Phillies, by 13 games. This makes the Braves a near lock to win the NL East Pennant, as the Phillies, and certainly other NL East teams, are far behind and the end of regular season baseball is less than two months away.

Only the top five of the complete National League teams are shown, with all teams in the NL East highlighted in yellow.

Team Winning Percentage Wins Losses Games Behind
Atlanta BRAVES .648 81 44
L.A. DODGERS .613 76 48 4.5
Millwaukee BREWERS .551 70 57 12.0
Philledelphia PHILLIES .543 69 58 13.0
Chicago CUBS .524 66 60 15.5
Miami MARLINS ..508 65 63 17.5
N.Y. METS .465 59 68 23.0
Washington D.C. NATIONALS .460 58 68 23.5

Data source: Braves