Braves Stay Quiet About Fried’s Post Season Future

The Braves are in their first week of spring training at North Point, Florida.

While they would rather discuss the upcoming baseball season, where it’s “World Series or bust” said Braves starter A.J. Minter to the AJC’s Sarah K. Spencer in an interview, the Braves had to address the future of one of its most effective starting pitchers, Max Fried.

Fried becomes a free agent at the end of the upcoming season.

Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos told the press he was staying mum about any discussions he’s had with Fried about whether he will stay a Brave after this season.

“I’m confident that our guys know where they stand with us,” said Anthopoulos. “Max certainly does. I saw his answers from Braves Fest. I thought they were great. That wasn’t me sitting down with him saying, ‘Hey, let’s agree that we’re going to say this.’ That was just Max being Max being honest, you know?”

What was Fried’s response Anthopoulos was referring to?

“It’s out of my control now,” said Fried, according to “But the Braves do things a certain way and I know that privacy and doing things behind closed doors is the way things are done. I respect that.”

He added he was happy to be with the Braves,  but said nothing of his plans after his contract expires.

When and whatever he decides, Fried could be in line for quite a raise. says Fried could make as much as $30 million, especially if he enters the lucrative free-agent market next year.