Braves Take on Mariners After Winning Rangers Series

The Braves are hoping to sustain the momentum they built from winning the three-game series earlier this week with the Texas Rangers. They face the Seattle Mariners starting tonight at 7:30 PM at Truist Park.

They have to feel good about themselves right now after beating the Rangers 12-0 on Monday, and 6-5 on Wednesday. They lost the Tuesday game 4-7. The pivotal game on Wednesday saw the Braves jumping to a lead in the first few innings, then slipping behind when starting pitcher Spencer Strider, after pitching well in his first innings, got into fourth-inning trouble and allowed back-to-back base hits, allowing the Rangers to tack on runs and jump ahead of the Braves. Homers by Ron Acuna and Orlando Arcia would help the Braves score the runs they needed to win the game.

The Braves are currently in first place in the National League East, with 27 wins and 16 losses. They have a .628 average and are above the second-place team, the Marlins, by 4.5 games. The Braves hope to build on or at least solidify that position by sweeping the incoming Mariners in this three-game series this weekend. The Mariners are in fourth place in the AL West and are .12 under .500 there.

The series’ first game features the battle of the right-handed pitching Bryces, with Braves Bryce Elder starting against the Mariners’ Bryce Miller.

Image credit: Image by Chris Pastrick/Pixabay