Braves Take On Phillies, Reds After Successful Weekend Run

The Atlanta Braves are savoring a day off today after an impressive back-to-back two-series win.

The Braves took two out of three from the Detroit Tigers earlier last week and swept a four-game series against the Colorado Rockies. Neither the Tigers (27-37) nor the Rockies (29-45) were impressive teams, and the Braves were expective to be successful against them, but these series wins add to a so far great season as the team looks forward to the latter half of the season and hopefully, postseason play.

Now the Braves look to a trip to Philadelphia to take on the 38-34 Phillies. The three-game series against a division rival may be tougher for the Braves than the last two teams they faced, with the Philes 3rd in the NL East, 8 games behind the Braves. However, the Phillies are at a .528 pct average.

The Braves are 10-10 in the last 20 games they played against the Phillies, and 2-2 in games they played so far this year.

Braves fans can take comfort in the fact that the team is 46-26 with a .639 average, numbers that should be the envy of any MLB team right now. The Braves are tops in the NL East by a wide margin and are 22-11 in away games, so they’ve been pretty decent on the road. A 2 out of 3 series split seems doable for the Braves against the Phillies.

Next, the Braves get the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds are 37-35, with a .514% average. They are in second place in the NL Central. The Braves are 14-6 against the Reds in this decade so far. This will be a three-game series. The Braves should win at least two of those games.

The Philes series starts Tuesday at 6:40 PM and runs to Thursday. The Reds series starts Friday at 6:40 PM and runs through Sunday.