Bulldogs Make it 4 Weeks Ahead of SEC Championships

This latest list of the College Football rankings from the NCAA comes as the Bulldogs face Alabama this Saturday to compete for the SEC title.

On this list, several schools moved up this ranking, especially Iowa, but three schools, Ohio State, Louisville, and Oregon State suffered big drops after losses last weekend. Tennessee and Clemson both fell off the list this week.

The list for the past two weeks follows…

This week Last week Team
1 1 University of Georgia (4 weeks at #1)
2πŸ”Ί 3 Michigan
3πŸ”Ί 4 Washington
4πŸ”Ί 5 Florida State University
5πŸ”Ί 6 Oregon
6 2 Ohio State
7 7 Texas
8 8 University of Alabama
9πŸ”Ί 10 Missouri
10πŸ”Ί 11 Penn State
11πŸ”Ί 12 Ole Miss
12πŸ”Ί 13 Oklahoma University
13πŸ”Ί 14 Louisiana State University
14πŸ”Ί 16 Arizona
15 9 Louisville
16πŸ”Ί 17 Notre Dame
17πŸ”Ί 18 Tulane
18πŸ”Ί 20 Iowa
19πŸ”Ί 21 Oklahoma State University
20πŸ”Ί 22 Liberty
21πŸ”Ί NEW North Carolina State (Tied with below)
21 15 Oregon State
23 23 Toledo
24 24 James Madison

Data source: NCAA.