Hawks Out of Tournament, Lose to Cavs 105-128

The Atlanta Hawks were unable to get its defense cranking against the Cleveland Cavaliers, losing 105 to 128.

In addition to winning the game, which they didn’t do, the team needed several other teams (Knicks, Heat, Celtics, and Nets) to lose for the Hawks to have a chance to compete further in the NBA in-season tournament. The Hawks lost tonight, plus all but the Heat won so the Hawks are now eliminated from the tournament.

The Hawks led five separate times during the first half, leading by as much as 12 points. But the Cavs would take over shortly before halftime and never let the Hawks lead the game again. The Cavs had their highest lead, 25 points, just before the buzzer, when the Hawks were unable to get many shots in the bucket.

The Hawks De’Andre Hunter lead in points with 18. (The Cavs’ Donovan Mitchell had 40.) Trae Young had only 3 of 14 of his shots count, but he did get 10 assists, the most of any Hawk tonight. Clint Capela had 9 rebounds.

The Hawks shot poorly tonight. 35% of their shots succeded, while the Cavs had 53.8%. Cleveland also dominated in three-point shots (36.1% to 29.5%.) The Cavs outdid the Hawks in assists (27-21), rebounds (60-52), points in the paint (64-32), and fastbreak points (19-12.) The Hawks did top the Cavaliers in 2nd chance points, 20-14.

The Hawks are now 8-8 on the season. They face the currently hapless San Antonio Spurs (3-14) on the road Thursday.