Falcons Look Forward To Draft 2024 To Add To Roster

Activity is ramping up at Atlanta Falcons headquarters in Flowery Branch.

That is because the NFL Draft is less than two days away, and the Falcons are looking to further build their team by cashing in their draft picks for new talent.

The Falcons won’t have to immediately worry about any sanctions from the NFL over allegations of a tampering violation involving their just-hired starting quarterback Kirk Cousins. NFL insider Adam Schefter reported today that the league is still investigating the allegations and will not conclude the investigations this week. This means Falcons picks this year won’t likely be affected.

When asked about the investigation during a pre-draft press conference, Falcons general manager Terry Fontenot said the team submitted all the information requested, and there were “not many updates from our end,” but they would continue to cooperate with the league.

As for the upcoming Draft itself, Fontenot said the Falcons are already fielding calls from interested teams on their #8 draft pick. He said the calls were “exploratory” and that nothing is set in stone until when the Draft opens Thursday night.

“Until you are really on the clock, that’s when things get real,” he said.

As far as the speculation on what the Falcons will do with that pick and who they may choose, Fontenot says the Falcons are concentrating on getting the “best player available for us,” but “not reaching for needs.” The Falcons have been criticized in the past for selecting the “best player available” with past draft picks even if that player’s skill isn’t a necessity for the team. Fontenot said that with so much activity at the top of the Draft, namely due to an abundance of quarterbacks there, the activity could push favorable skill selections to the Falcons’ #8 pick.

There has been widespread belief that Alabama edge rusher Dallas Turner will be the likely pick for the Falcons at #8. Some analysts think the Falcons could strike a deal to trade down for a potential pick, like UCLA edge rusher Laiatu Latu at #11.

This year, analysts say a pass-rusher or another defensive player is the Falcons’ biggest need in this year’s draft, but a quarterback could also be drafted with one of their eight picks this year. Fontenot said a good backup passer may be too good for the Falcons to pass up if one becomes available this year.

“You still want to think long-term and big picture,” he said. “You can take a quarterback at any point when you’re thinking big picture.”

Fontenot says the team likes the class of linemen available in the draft and could pick from this year’s class “at some point,” although the team already has a strong offensive line.

Fontenot said starting QB Cousins is working hard to get ready for the upcoming season. “He really hit the ground running,” he said on Cousin’s training, practices and other preparations.

He said there are no updates on defensive lineman Calais Campbell and his status on the Falcons roster. Fontenot says they will be reviewing the roster after the Draft. “We don’t close any doors,” he said.

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