Georgia Bulldogs Head to NFL Draft

Six Georgia Bulldogs have announced they are leaving the world of college football and going pro this year.

Ladd McConkey (WR), Zion Logue (DL), Daijun Edwards (RB), Kendal Menton (RB), and Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint (WR) all announced today that they will be going to the 2024 NFL Draft.

Yesterday, DB Tykee Smith announced he’s declaring participation in the Draft. More are likely to follow.

These players will be entering an active offseason in pro football as NFL teams will be scouting for new talent to add to their ranks.

Many of the Dawgs announced their plans to go pro on social media.

The NFL Draft commitments come as several new student-athletes over the past few weeks announced they will be coming to UGA this fall.