Hawks Intoduce Newest Members After Successful Draft

The Atlanta Hawks this morning introduced its two newest members, Zaccharie Risacher and Nikola Djurisic to the local media and fans.

Hawks General Manager Landry Fields said Risacher and Djurisic were the right picks when they drafted them.

Credit: Atlanta Hawks

“When we identified these guys, we knew we had to have them,” said Fields. “We knew we had to have them. And that’s what we did. We went to go get them. Couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them.” He said the two NBA Draft 2024 picks had “Hawks DNA” and could identify as members of the team.

Fields said it came down to the “last few days” when the Hawks saw Risacher as a viable number-one draft pick target. He added that both members could give Hawks defense more spark.

“I really knew as soon as I heard my name,” said Risacher when asked what his thoughts were when his selection as the Hawks first-round pick was announced Wendesday. “That was special and I am excited to be with the Hawks right now. I’m just glad to finally do the city.”

As for Djurisic, who the Hawks had to negotiate trade deals with the Houston Rockets and Miami Heat to acquire, he’s getting accustomed to the team and the city.

Credit: Atlanta Hawks

“I got to Atlanta, I got a boost of energy,” said Djurisic about his arrival in Atlanta. “It feels like a family here. The facility, the people the culture front office, everyone.” He said he had been traveling from state to state meeting with potential teams before he was selected for the Hawks. He said he had heard from Bogdan Bogdanovic already but has not yet spoken to other Hawks vets he says he’s admired, Trae Young and Clint Capela.

Risacher will wear the #10 jersey, while Djurisic will sport #7.

Their first appearance on the court will be NBA Summer League, where the Hawks will play the Washington Wizards on July 12 and the LA Lakers on July 17.