Hawks Season Ends in 116-131 Loss To Bulls

The Atlanta Hawks bid to enter the NBA Playoffs was denied Wendesday night. Instead, they got an early trip home to Atlanta to face an uncertain offseason.

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Hawks 116-131 in a Play-In tournament that would have extended their season. But they struggled most of the night with spotty defense, inconsistent shooting, and a huge showing by the Bulls Cobe White, who went 15 of 21 in shots and outfoxed the Hawks throughout the game.

White scored 42 points in this game, more than a single player in a Hawks uniform. Dejounte Murray scored the most points for the Hawks, 30.  Clint Capela and Trae Young each scored 22 points each.

The Hawks only led the game twice, early in the first quarter, and it went downhill from there. In the fourth quarter, the Hawks found themselves on the wrong end of a 23-point deficit.

The 2024 season stands as a disappointing one for the Hawks who finish the regular season 36-46, and once again missing the playoffs.

The Bulls will face the Miami Heat this Friday.

Hawks Scoring Leaders

Dejounte Murray: 30 pts, 7 rebs., 6 ast, 6 3pts

Trae Young: 22 pts, 10 ast, 2 rebs, 3 3pts

Clint Capela: 22 pts, 17 rebs, 4 ast,