Humphrey Recomits to Georgia

On second thought…

After confirming yesterday that he was entering the transfer portal and leaving the Georgia Bulldogs behind, cornerback Julian Humphrey said today he has changed his mind and plans to stick around in 2024.

Rusty Mansell broke news of Humphrey’s decision on DawgsHQ. He told Mansell “I know with a great year at Georgia, I can get to the NFL. The more I thought about this, why would I leave Georgia for a couple more bucks?”

Humphrey told Mansell that teams nationwide were wooing him to join their schools, but in the end, he stuck with the Dawgs because “It really is a prestigious school,” he said. “It’s like a top, top school. I felt like, in the end, why leave that and go somewhere else.”

Humphrey played 9 of 14 games this season, serving up 168 snaps. An injury in the Ole Miss game put him out of action for the rest of the season.

Now that Humphrey will be staying with the Bulldogs, the team now has four cornerbacks, with Ellis Robinson, DeMello Jones, and Ondre Evans now signed on for 2024.

The door is closing for those in UGA who may want to head elsewhere. The deadline to enter the portal is Thursday, 11:59 PM.