New Falcon Michael Penix Jr. Visits Flowery Branch

The Atlanta Falcons’ newest passer paid a visit to the Flowery Branch headquarters today.

Michael Penix Jr., drafted by the Falcons with their number 8 first-round pick, told the press he is ready to get to work.

“I’m here to do whatever I can to help this team win football games,” said Penix Jr. “I’m a team guy. That’s what I’m going to be in the locker room.”

The former Washington quarterback said he dreamed of being drafted into an NFL team since he was a kid, and appreciated getting the opportunity to make that dream come true courtesy of the Falcons.

Penix Jr. talked about his initial meetings with the team during workouts where they saw Penix Jr. in action. “For me, I feel they wanted to see it in real life, like right up close,” he said.  “They told me they saw my tape and they said they thought I had one of the best arms in the draft and they felt confident in my abilities.”

His first public introduction to the public as a Falcon comes less than 24 hours after his draft selection set off a wave of criticism. For his part, he wasn’t going to further fuel the controversy. “As far as what anybody else feels about the decision that was made, I have no control over that,” he said. “All I can control is what I bring to the team.”

He did comment on two past and present Falcons starting quarterbacks. He spoke about his hero, Michael Vick, who Penix Jr. said sent him a congratulatory text this morning. “I glad to be old enough to see that era. To see what he did for the game and how he changed the game with just being able to do it in the air and on the ground.”

As for current quarterback Kirk Cousins, Penix Jr. said he and Cousins “had a very good conversation,” last night after the pick, but said he would keep the details of their content private.

Penix, who will be Cousin’s backup, knows he may spend a lot of time on the sidelines, but he said he plans to take the backup role seriously.

“I’m learning but at the same time I still going to prepare like I going to be on that field,” he said “You never know when your number is called but you got to be ready so I am going do whatever I can from day one.”

See Penix Jr. press conference here.