The Falcons 2024 Draft Picks Are Here

The Atlanta Falcons had eight picks in this year’s NFL Draft, and they have used these picks to solidify their roster for next season and beyond. Here’s who’s joining the team.

Pick Player College Skill
***First Round***
#8 Michael Penix Jr.  Washington Quarterback
***Second Round***
#35 Ruke Orhorhoro* Clemson Defensive Tackle
***Third Round***
#74 Bralen Trice Washington Edge
#109 Brandon Dorlus Oregon Defensive Tackle
#143 J.D. Bertrand Notre Dame Linebacker
#186 Casey Washington Illinois WR
#187 Jase McClellan Alabama RB
#197 Zion Louge Georgia Defensive Tackle

*The Falcons traded their second round #43 and #79 picks to the Arizona Cardinals for their #35 and third round #186 picks.

Final update: 7:38 pm 4/27/24