Dawgs to Bring Booze to Sandford Stadium

Georgia Football fans soon will be able to enjoy the games in Athens with some beer on the side.

Starting on the 2024 Bulldogs football season, beer will be available for all fans at Sandford Stadium. Until now, Georgia and Auburn were the only two teams in the Southeastern Conference that refused to sell alcohol to fans across their stadiums. Now both teams will be starting beer sales next season.

UGA had been pacing itself with offering lager to fans. It sold beer at men’s and women’s basketball games at Stegeman Coliseum since 2021, then to Foley Field, UGA’s baseball complex, then Jack Turner Stadium and Dan Magill Tennis Complex last year.

“We wanted to be methodical about it, we wanted to take our time to do it right,” said UGA athletic director Josh Brooks, to the Athens Banner-Herald. “It wasn’t a race to just do something without proper preparation.”

The stadium sold beer only in “premium” areas earlier, now as Sandford Stadium is in the middle of a $68.6 million renovation, beer will now be sold stadium-wide.

Brooks said they don’t consider beer a “luxury item” and that concession prices for brews will be “fair and in line with most of our peers.”