Falcons Top NFC South

Fresh off a win over the Green Bay Packers, the Atlanta Falcons are savoring yet another confirmed victory: sole ownership of the top slot of the NFC South.

The Falcons got there by winning their last two games, going undefeated so far this season. That puts the team at 1.000 percent for their winning average. They have not been above .500 percent since December 31, 2017. ย 

Team Wins (2 games played) Losses Pct
1 Atlanta Falconsย  2 0 1.000
2 New Orleans Saints 2 0 1.000
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 0 1.000
4 Carolina Panthers 0 2 0.000

The Falcons competion, the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are also undefeated so far. The Falcons two consecutive wins at home put them at the top. The Saints won their game against the divisional rival Panthers Monday night, puting them behind the Falcons. The Bucs take third position, and the winless Panthers slip to fourth.ย 

The Falcons will have to keep winning to hold onto that top positon. Their next game is against the Detroit Lions, at Ford Field this Sunday.